I ordered Test Troxin for the first time a few weeks ago. I was looking for a testosterone booster, both for general health and for better sex, and was impressed by the reviews for this one.

I had no real expectations, but thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t take it religiously, but would take it for two or three days, then skip a day or two, then take it again. I usually just took two capsules, but sometimes I’d take three.

The first (and main) effect I noticed was sexual. I’d get aroused more easily, have more interest in sex, and –– let’s just say, come to a more explosive conclusion at the end. Testo Xplode is an appropriate name of the product.

To put things in context, I should mention that I take a lot of supplements. And I’m what you’d call a “responder.” If a supplement is going to work for me, I’ll notice it almost immediately. (I also notice side effects almost immediately) Several of the supplements I take, including reuteri (a probiotic) and astaxanthin, are good for testosterone and libido. So it can be hard, in that sense, to single out a specific supplement and prove that it’s responsible for a particular result.

What I noticed, though, was that when I ran out of Test Troxin review and stopped taking it, the others stopped having as much effect. I don’t know how much effect it would have if I were to take it (and nothing else); but as part of a supplement “stack” it makes noticeable difference.

If you try this, or any testosterone booster, bear in mind that results may differ. No pill is going to make up for a terrible diet, or being a full time couch potato. Getting out and walking, even a walk around the block, and cutting sugars out of your diet, are also important foundations for keeping your testosterone high. Starting with that foundation, if your testosterone’s still a little on the low side, testosterone boosters like this can make a powerful difference in your life.

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